Is The Law Of Attraction Real?


Many people who are new to The Secret want to know if it’s “real.” That is, whether there is some simple physical mechanism that makes good things happen simply as a result of positive thinking. The answer could thoughtfully be yes, no and maybe, all at the same time.

For starters, there’s nothing simple about consciously changing the way you think. Even those who’ve been at it for quite some time are still novices. Like the path towards Enlightenment, it will probably take a lifetime to get out of the novice stage. So no, you can’t just make a wish and hope that it comes true. There’s a bit more to it, but not much more if you really make a change in your way of thinking with some careful practice.

Negative thoughts come at you from all direction. Especially when you live in a state of fear, it’s easy to succumb to disparaging thinking. Does this actually make different quantum decisions that ultimately affect the most minor of action that can set a course of events in motion that has a profoundly positive effect on you if you’re bothering to look? Maybe.

Given the mathematics of quantum phenomena, it may be very improbable to happen, but the idea is that you (and better yet, a bunch of people) are able to change the probability.

And maybe they can. There have been studies done at Princeton University that have actually tracked deviations from strictly random probability. The effect is measurable by current technology when very intense things happen to millions of people or when a large group of several thousand concentrate on a specific goal. It’s possible that for change to happen in one’s life, only a very random and small deviation is required one that cannot currently be measured. It’s certainly possible, though not proven.

It’s just possible that the effect, when used in conjunction with some well-known mental training techniques that encourage existing human predilections toward an all-encompassing focus upon “what could be,” can help bring about some improbable or at least unusual good fortune. It could happen, though some think it an act of vanity to believe their thoughts have power.

Some people adopt an air of superiority of hubris, thinking that is the same thing as a serene concentration on gratitude, positive goal setting and openness to opportunity. It is not. Arrogance is just a complicated sort of fear. Imagine if you really just spent your time looking towards all the good things you could do and imagined yourself in that position.

By very carefully imagining yourself actually receiving what you crave, and really feeling and seeing every detail there, you probably can’t help but formulate some creative ideas about how to how to do it. You’ll also put yourself in situations where you may meet people who’d be interested in helping you. By immediately acknowledging people’s assistance, you create good will that encourage social networking that works to your advantage.

The Law of Attraction works when you focus outward rather than inward, and perhaps that is, in essence, how it works.

Love and Love,


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